Some of ya might remember Miss Deb and her wonderful sock monkeys from the Auckland market circuit. Well I'm going to visit her! She's been way to kind and is letting us stay in her place and is full of invaluable tips. Pretty darn lucky we are!


I meet Asia for the first time. I've never spent more than a few hours in various airports. So Singapore and Malaysia, I'm very excited to get to know you!

World famous in NZ.

The beautiful lady in this, Jo Flemming, was in the Wet Hot Beauties with me and she took my bicycle along for this here video. I feel like a proud mum!

Me and my flatmate.

Me: Your peanut slab has been half eaten in the pantry for ages. Serious will power. 
Flatmate: Oh yeah, it's because I don't like peanuts. 
Me: Why did you get a peanut slab then? 
Flatmate: I didn't think there would be that many peanuts.
Me: Right.


PB & J

Today I met Peanut Butter & Jelly for the first time. They were a particularly pleasant pair and complemented each other terrifically. I hope they come over again soon.

Out of the loop.

But these girls, well they gosh darn it won the World Hip Hop Dance Championship and were on America’s Best Dance Crew, Season 6 and I have never even heard of them. Where have I been hiding? Or why has no one screamed and shouted about this?

Anyway they are back.. or they never left.. or something, whatever, they are good!


They are up! The photos I took for Elle. Yee gawds! Have a looksie.

A peek here but go here to see them all in their shining glory, pffft.


Lonely card.

The mothers day card I could not post before because its recipient hadn't received it yet. But now she has so here it is. I think? You did right?

'It's fun to reflect that you made it yourself.'

In Spotlight.

I saw.

A very serious monkey.

Accompanied by a rabbit.

And someone planking. I think it's some kind of invasion. The planking I mean.

The eggs.

After the smashing, at Easter.

You can find out how to make fortune eggs here, for next year perhaps!


Custom order.

One delightful custom order done and dusted.

Yesterday I stumbled upon a mountain of grand maps, thanks to a tip off from Drus that I finally followed up on. Expect big things at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair folks, big things. Hardy hars.

Rude awakening.

Diego Rivera rudely woke me at 4.30 this morning and I only got to bed at nearly 2! Juanita came crashing down on my bed, it's a big poster and I only just got the wall space to put her up.

A friend bought me this Diego print at Museo Dolores Olmedo Patiño on the outskirts of Mexico City when we were there because he thought she looked like me. Perhaps if I was a little tanned.

The Auckland Art and Craft Fair.

 Is fast approaching. Saturday June 11th. Mark your diaries and I best put head down and bottom up, but maybe after a wee visit to Kuala Lumpur. One week from now I'll be there!

AACF have been putting lots of artist interviews up on their blog if you are interested to see who else might be there.

So much Youtube.

I'm sorry for all these clips but I've been swimming the depths of youtube lately. This one however was made by a friend, a very talented and particularly lovely one named, Wawa Wang. He made it for Save the Children charity and it's reckon it's bloody clever. First stop I got RIP. Second DEAD.

Have a looks oi.

A wee bit excited about.


For Ken.

have a 

Dreaming of Brasil.

And watching hilariously terrible tourism videos.

This is me in the one below, followed by lots of 'Eu não entendo muito bem, eu falo um pouco de português.. devagar.. devagar por favor!'


This tie.

Is a bit cool, tis'nt it?


 One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.
- Virginia Woolf

Enjoy your lunch. I did.

This is what happens.

When no time and a temperamental camera get together.

There are some new maps in State of Grace, you get the idea. West Auckland, North Island, Europe and London.

What happy looks like.

House warming.

Dang! My new house is a bit cold and it's not even 'proper' winter yet. If you are looking to make some one elses place warm in the near future I highly suggest some of these delightful wooden products from this sweet Etsy shop.

They're so lovely!

Burning man.

One day I will meet you.

Burning man festival as photographed by Michael Chichi.



I'm slowly, slowly working on a wee Cargo Collective website to try put all my projects visible in one place. Some kind of online portfolio one might like to call it.

It's here.

What do you reckon folks! Need to work on the layout no doubt!

A parliament of owls.

Have made their way to Swonderful in Wellington and to a new stockist, the Riverhouse Gallery in Thames, they're at 783 Kopu-Hikuai Road. Plus some owls and kiwis have landed in Pauanesia too. The shops are stocked!

Airport entertainment.


Mum FTW.

A belated Happy Mothers Day post to my most wonderful mother.

I spent some time making her a mothers day card this past weekend and some for dear friends too. Thought y'all might like to see 'em.

That's hers, and friends ones below.

 I spent most of Mothers Day sitting on the deck at my brothers new house munching on incredible food and talking about vomit. 


from here.


I'd quite like to own you ASOS dress. Yes I would.

Weird comment.

On ASS today, but I like it.

'This girl looks like she just took your bag off you and threw it behind her. I saw her on the street once and she was eating a pigeon.'

I wonder who it could be, they know that's my bag in the back.. hm.


I'm a Novak fan.

Annie Novak runs a roof top farm in Brooklyn, New York. It's pretty darn cool idea and is inspiring me to get going in our own new garden. I've so far discovered potatoes and now have to get planting. I know nothing about vegetable growing. Trial and error here I come.

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